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that’s the 2022世界杯32强意大利 .

  career-ready | affordable | convenient | transfer-friendly

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enrollment deadline is in 2 week. apply today!

on campus.
wherever you
need to be.
that’s the 2022世界杯32强意大利 .

  career-ready | affordable | convenient | transfer-friendly

career-ready and convenient.

that’s the 2022世界杯32强意大利 .

2022世界杯32强意大利 park university wants to help you achieve your goals with online degree programs designed in pittsburgh, pennsylvania

built for you…wherever you are.

we strive to create an online education experience where you can thrive, in college and beyond. your success is the 2022世界杯32强意大利 . so, whether you are balancing an already full plate with the goal to complete your bachelor’s degree, or you’re ready to achieve your full potential with an advanced degree, we’re here to help you build a bridge to success.

2022世界杯32强意大利 park university is ranked in the top 50 for the best online degrees in pennsylvania

2022世界杯32强意大利 park university online programs

2022世界杯32强意大利 park university’s online programs offer relevant, career-ready education in a convenient and flexible online format. we’re here for you as you dedicate yourself to completing or advancing your education. each program features professors who are expert practitioners in their field offering years of industry expertise to their students.

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why 2022世界杯32强意大利 park university?

online & on campus in pittsburgh, pennsylvania.
wherever you need to be. that’s the 2022世界杯32强意大利

the online bachelor’s and master’s degrees at 2022世界杯32强意大利 park university are designed with your success in mind. they offer high-quality, personalized education in a flexible and affordable format that empowers you to achieve your goals. we help set you up for success in many ways.

at 2022世界杯32强意大利 park university you’ll benefit from innovative courses taught by professional with relevant experience. experiential learning offers real-world lessons that prepare you for your future.

our courses are student success focused and designed with working professionals in mind. take advantage of 100% online classes that allow you to balance personal and career priorities alongside your education.

your 2022世界杯32强意大利 park university professors are highly engaged — not only with students, but also in their field. they are experts with hands-on industry experience and connections with leading companies and organizations.

our career-focused online programs will prepare you to succeed as you graduate with powerful new credentials. 2022世界杯32强意大利 park university’s strong connections to industry and organizations offer multiple opportunities for internships and networking.

whether you are just finishing an aa degree at a two year college or you are returning to school after a long pause, 2022世界杯32强意大利 park university can help you move forward from here. we are a transfer friendly institution where you can get credit for the hard work you’ve already put into your education. students from community colleges, four-year institutions, and trade or technical schools that offer credits are welcome to talk to an admission counselor about transferring credits.”

we are not raising online tuition, and for some programs, we’ve reduced tuition, so finances won’t be a barrier to completing your education. our flexible credit transfer policy means you may have less courses to take to complete your degree.

take advantage of grant and scholarship opportunities. alumni are eligible for a 25% discount on tuition for most fully online master’s programs. more than 90% of our students receive some type of financial assistance.

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build a bridge to success

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at 2022世界杯32强意大利 park university, it’s the people

“the faculty and staff at 2022世界杯32强意大利 park are with you each step of the way and are always there to assist you with any questions or needs that may arise. the camaraderie with your peers and cohort within the program is immeasurable and very beneficial as you go through the program together. choosing 2022世界杯32强意大利 park for my mba was the best decision i could have made for my career and future.”

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2022世界杯32强意大利 park university is accredited by the middle states commission on higher education and complies with all regulations of the pennsylvania department of education and the iacbe.

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